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The Use of PVA Mop

PVA sponge Mop Features: 

The use of PVA (polyvinyl alcohol) Mianmian production mop cleaning head, with super absorbent capacity, is the general sponge ten times, easy to operate, clean as long as the rubber mill in the water gently pull a few pull rod, Can be discharged. After placing the plastic head can be natural dry hardening, to prevent the breeding of bacteria. In addition to this mop can do the cleaning of the floor, you can also clean the walls and ceilings.

With the feeling: 

The plastic head into the bucket can quickly absorb water, gently pull the lever, you can easily squeeze out the water. The overall feeling is in the process of wiping, the more able to make the effort, clean the ground process is relatively easy, even to deal with a larger harder of the mud, wipe a few times can be removed. Mop of the baptism is also very easy. It should be noted that, if it is rubbing hard tiles on the ground, the water can not be packed too dry, otherwise push does not move.

After the completion of cleaning, the PVA sponge mop placed in the ventilation, until the water evaporates, the plastic head becomes very hard, no odor generated.

In addition, because the plastic head can be 80% -90% of the water out, so not only can be used to strengthen the cleaning of the composite floor, you can quickly suck a lot of inadvertently sprinkled on the ground water, soup and so on.

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