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PP Research Report

PP Research Report

PP research report: downstream replenishment is expected to start, PP period short-term strong

East China polypropylene industry chain upstream and downstream research:

May 15 - May 18, we are in the east of the polypropylene industry chain upstream and downstream enterprises were visited,

focusing on the downstream BOPP film and tape mother roll industry operating rate, inventory and orders and so on. In addition,

during the visit coincided with the price rebound, we are willing to supplement the middle and lower reaches of the enterprises have also been concerned about.

Research conclusion:

Price rebound and the downstream replenishment of the positive feedback is expected to start: PP prices after three months of decline in the market,

the whole industry chain to inventory near the end: First, the tape production and sales of finished product inventory and raw material inventory level is very low ;

Second, the BOPP film factory finished product inventory is high, but the raw material inventory has been digested, and according to the order of the raw material will be very strong;

Third, the upstream inventory has been in an orderly manner, the middle reaches of traders have basically achieved The return of funds. Thus, with the price rebound,

from the downstream factory began to fill the library cycle is expected to start. Downstream factories are expected to be cautious about the terminal demand expectations:

In the survey, the downstream factory showed most of the cautious wait and see attitude: on the one hand, BOPP film factory and tape mills for the fourth quarter of last year's ups and downs since the ups and downs,

It is repeatedly stressed that "to earn processing fees," the positioning, especially for those who have due to reserve high prices of raw materials and bear the loss of the manufacturers,

its advance or over the purchase of raw materials will be significantly lower; the other hand, with the recent price Rebound, the downstream inquiry significantly increased, but the actual new orders are limited, the terminal needs to be observed.

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