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How to use a broom

How to use a broom

                              How to use a broom 

The purpose of using a broom is to clean up messy litter and dirt and remove it in bulk.


1, grip: with one hand thumb on the handle of the broom (both hard, but also free collision guests and furniture), and use other fingers to grasp the other hand at the bottom of the 30CM-40CM Department live.

Posture: upper body slightly forward, but not too bent, take the natural posture is not easy to fatigue.

2, indoor ground multi-purpose by sweep mode, broom not leave the ground, swing the broom, a little arm pressure down, both dust, garbage sweep the net, and prevent dust raised. Dust on the ground for many times, every sweep, pier should be pier on the ground to remove the dust on the end of the broom, rubbish.

3, in order not to trample trash, should continue to sweep the front, from the narrow to sweeping the wide, from the corner to the central cleaning, cleaning the interior, in principle, by the door swept to the door.

4, sweeping the stairs, standing on the next level, from the left and right ends to the central focus, and then further down to prevent trash, dust fall from the stairs.

5, at any time to focus on trash, dust, sweep it into the garbage shovel.

6, broom easily attached cotton-like dust, it should often remove with a brush or comb.

7, often broom hair, make it clean, straight.

8, wind sweep, do not sweep the wind sweep.


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