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How to maintain cleaning tools

How to maintain cleaning tools

First cleaning tools for maintenance, should be kept separate, pure mechanical cleaning tools such as: mop, broom, a brush, electrical class: vacuum cleaner, sweeping machine, in addition to mites, etc., different categories of cleaning tools, maintenance way, under the elaborate several kind of common to cleaning and maintenance tools.

See all kinds of mop, broom, these are essential in the home cleaning tools, mop after use at ordinary times, need to be at the bottom of the hair part clean, and then in the right place to dry, do not put in damp places, these bacteria such as; If the weather is good, keep the mop in the sun regularly. For sweepers, these do not need frequent cleaning. If you sweep the room, it is better to add a small layer of protection, such as a set of waste silk socks, so as to protect the broom and clean it up.

Collect cleaning tools such as trash cans and mop buckets. Trash can best to have the habit of keep set of garbage bags at ordinary times, if think garbage bags are waste, can buy a few small trash can, use at ordinary times shopping or to leave small bag when shopping as a trash bag, set on the trash can, garbage bag frequently change at ordinary times, if protection of good, can clean once a month or two. Mop bucket and so on, these usually best immediately clean, after using for mop the floor produces dirt easy adsorption on the bucket, if not immediately wash, for a long time will be corrosion mop bucket, affect his life, after cleaning can better placed upside down, than to water damage.

Auxiliary class cleaning tools, such as gloves, such as small wire clean ball, after these in use, best can use detergent to clean this kind of tools, such as gloves, clean these tools clean, in the right place to dry, if there is a hanging position, had better hang up.

Cleaning tool maintenance is actually in the final analysis is frequently, spend a little time after cleaning, cleaning tools "clean", don't clean them anywhere, it will not only create problems for subsequent cleaning, may also let their life greatly reduced, more hands for a while, income effect is not a little bit, too.

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