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2018 New Year's Day holiday notice

2018 New Year's Day holiday notice


All departments of the company:

     the resolution of the company leadership, Division I 2018 New Year's Day holiday as follows: 

    First, the New Year's Day holiday time for the December 30,2017 to the January 1 , 2018 New Year's Day holiday, a total of three days, January 2 (Tuesday) go to work regularly. 

    Second, all departments should organize a safety inspection before the holiday and carry out comprehensive safety self-examination to eliminate all potential safety hazards, including unused equipment should be cut off the power supply, important items should be properly kept, pay attention to fire prevention and burglary, and proper arrangements for safety and security, Vehicle safety and financial safety management. 

    Third, during the New Year's Day, the staff of all posts to maintain smooth, no shutdown, shutdown and other phenomena occurred in the event of a major incident occurred, to maintain smooth and timely communication.

     Finally wish all staff a happy New Year's Day!

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