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Household Plastic Finishing Boxes

Brand : Billy
Product origin : Taizhou,China
Delivery time : 45 Days
Supply capacity : 500000 Set/Month

Household Plastic Finishing Boxes

Product Features:

1. Household Plastic Finishing Boxes can store a variety of products, suitable for storing seasonal items, such as seasonal clothing, children's toys, not commonly used household goods.

2. Storage tank lid seal is very good, can prevent reptiles into the effective protection of goods.

3. Household Plastic Finishing Boxes many styles, quality assurance, reasonable price, look forward to your inquiry.

Brand : bcbox

Model number : BC9605/BC9606/BC9607
Material : Plastic

Supply capacity : 500,000pcs per month

Company Advantages:

1. We uphold the integration of sales service business philosophy, you can provide you 

with comprehensive after-sales service, so you worry-free.

2. After years of efforts, we in the United States, Europe, more than 20 countries and 

regions to produce soft sweep, there are buyers, and recognized our products and services.

3. I produced a variety of daily necessities, covering the laundry brush, mop, broom, 

garbage and so on more than 10 types of products. Good quality and reasonable price, welcomed the inquiry.

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